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I discovered a great new podcast called THAC0 which is game related and has a cast of people but I could see hanging with if I lived near them. The podcast had a sort of theme called Critical hits and misses which was very cool but I am not sure the later podcasts follows this method, but they are still funny and generally entertaining.

Give it listen when you can


I'll back

No promises of repeat business but I thought I would update some stuff
I am having a game this Thursday with an old buddy Mike and his friend Tim

We are continuing a campaign I run called Krynos which is an Ice planet in the future where two opposing governments are fighting over this planet and when the PC’s arrive amidst a huge battle they find themselves alone with no support from their governments. I have run this game twice and this group of players (Mike and co.) is doing very well so far.

They arrived on the planet and immediately encountered two men from the opposite army (MCP forces) and killed them. They then restored order and contacted a local retired general for more instructions.

They found the Military base gone, all the remaining soldiers were mustered out of the military just before the end of the battle and so they have no help. They also managed to kill around 30 of the enemy forces before they were able to invade the town.

Mike is playing a character named Waldo who steals things and then throws them at random.

Tim is playing a more even leveled shooter named Ryan something. Still it’s a good mixture of comedy and action. I provide the action and so far they have been providing the comedy. Mike’s SO show up and jumped in and played and did and amazing job with her char.

I will update as I can

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Your results:
You are Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
River (Stowaway)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Although you can be a good fighter
and good at protecting others
you are not very bright sometimes.

Click here to take the "Which Serenity character are you?" quiz...

Oh hell yeah!!

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Wow an underwater assult weapon, finally those fucking merfolk are going to get their comuppins!
Seriously is there that much man to man underwater combat that somebody would spend the time engineering an assult weapon to fulfill some demented need? I am a gun nut and I hate the idea of some punk doing a swim by in the local pool with an automatic rifle.

BTW I got this from the SSDC.com web site, you should go check them out.

They are the producers of Battlelords of the 23rd century and Blood dawn

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Ok ok so I picked a loser team! Bleh. Seattle Seahawks just didn't want it enough I guess. Still they were ripped man, officials called a lame game. And that half time show, don't get me wrong I like the Stones and all but it was just them singing and nothing else not quite the show that I have come to expect.

Over the weekend, I also got to see The Brothers Grimm with Heathe Graham and Matt Damon. it was a pretty decent flick.
Terry Gilliam could be the most original directors of our generation.

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Booyah Its Superbowl Sunday!!!! Yes folks while I only occasionally catch a football game I always catch the superbowl. See the thing while I know nothing about football teams I still tend to make cash wagers on who will win a certain game. Now I know betting on a sport you know little about seems foolish but in my opinion its all a matter of luck anyways. Except for the superbowl. I have never lost a wager on the superbowl.

I once put 200.00 on a team to win against a veteran sports bar waitress/bartender who knew every stat for every player on both teams. She was sure she knew who was going to win but there are two teams and mine won.

Of course by then end of the Superbowl my table had a 80.00 bar tab so I only got 120.00 for my success. But still, I always win. The year the Patriots played the Carolina Panthers I bet on both teams and won. Seriously, I had a flat bet (No point spread) with two co-workers who said that Carolina was sure to upset New England Patriots and I bet against my brother for a 20 dollar bill for the Panthers to win but he gave me 7 pts. Total score Patriots 32, Panthers 29.

I won 20.00 from my brother and 10.00 each from two co-workers.

So now that I have proven my betting prowess, here is my prediction. The Seattle Seahawks will beat the Pittsburg Steelers. They just want it to badly. The Seahawks have never been to the big game and that were playing almost perfectly in the playoffs, where as Pittsburg barely beat Denver Bronco's to make it to the game.

There you go folks go forth and bet your souls, The Seahawks are going to win.

(Please note this entire LJ is subject to editing via Big Brother style should I be proven wrong)

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It’s a sad day when you’re kicked off a blog, not for being rude, but for offering a different opinion. I am not going to be childish and offer up a name but I was recently asked in a not-so-polite way to quit posting on a certain person's LJ. Now for those of you who know me you probably think I am upset about this but the truth is I am not. This person has every right in the world to ask me to leave and vulgarity aside I will act the better man and obey his wishes.

I will admit to admonishing what I thought was a person worthy of respect, for ranting with a wide brush, and maybe I was wrong for doing that but anybody who enrages at the merest hint of a different opinion I have no respect for that person. I have had plenty of arguments but when you start, insulting and attacking the person who you are speaking to you obviously have lost the argument.

To make matters more complicated I personally know somebody who knows the LJ’er and I am trying to be mature about the whole situation out of respect for that third party, but its trying, it really, really trying.

So in interest of all parties known and not I am simply going to let this horse die.

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I had a Serenity Game this weekend and it went smashingly. I have to give props to my players since they were really the ones who made the game great. I had barely read the rules and when making up the characters I messed up and gave them no dodge abilities. It was kinda funny later in the game when I realized that all, and I mean all of the stock characters in the Serenity book had dodge but none of my "Hardcore" PC's did.

The omissions of the important combat ability was my fault but still I taunted my poor players by reminding them that "even Kaylee has a D4 dodge". I am such a bastard, really I am and yet they still love me.

But the fun in any game resides in the hands of the players and DM.

Game stats - 3 PC's

Mad Mary - Ex-Pirate
Black Jack - Ex-gambler
Harrlequin - Ex-Actress

They are all hands, or Freebooters as I call them, on a Firefly class starship called the Nova Star, Yes I stole it from the RPG.

The Game started with the players being freebooters (read: Glorified loaders) on a ship called the Nova Star, Firefly class transport natch. They were three trouble makers who were surprised to find out the ship was heading to Shadow to pick up some boxes and passengers. Now they knew that the planet Shadow was uninhabitable after the war so they were surprised when a ship docked with the Nova Star to allow the boxes and passengers to board.

The passengers were obviously ex-Alliance soliders who were attempting to be undercover. There were three boxes which were loaded. The first was 18ft long and six feet thick. (This box held a missle launcher and six missiles) the second box looked like a weapon deployment box, like the ones that the Alliance used during the war to transport equipment. (This box held the controls to the missile launcher) The third box was obviosly a large box of chemicals 8ft long and six feet wide. (This box held NXL a dangerous biological poison)

The Nova Star continued toward Boros to pickup two additional passengers. And old lady and her silent asian charge. (The old lady "Mrs. Bettie was a seasoned Veteran of the Civil War, and the Mastermind behind the upcoming adventure. The young asian girl was a copy of River, the dangerous Jet Li ass kicking River, not the shy young insane chick River.) Mrs. Bettie gave the crew a Sweet Potato Pie when she borded and spent the entire trip preaching to and laughing with the freebooters.

During the flight the crew only got to see one of the Merc's once. His name was Dirk and when Black Jack failed an Influence roll against him some nasty words were shared between them. Dirk went back to his bunk and the crew saw nobody the rest of the flight. When the ship arrived in Hera the Freebooters were not allowed to assist in unloading the crates as four more merc's showed up to unload the precious cargo.

After Mrs. Bettie and Shin left the ship the crew was approached by the deputy in town. He told the Freebooters that the Sheriff wanted to see them. (Man alive you should have seen their eyes light up). When the crew was ready they wandered down to the meeting place, a small dusty bar called "The Dusty Whistle". There they saw the Sheriff speaking with one of the Merc's who rode on their ship. When the PC's wander in the Sheriff stands up and walks over. There the Sheriff buys them a drink and makes his proposition.

A mentally challegened man called "Brucker" has wandered off toward a mining operation. If the law is caught near the operation the sheriff fears there would be a gun fight but if a lightly armed group of strangers is caught near there the most the miners would do is order the Sheriff to arrest them. The sheriff seemed believeable but experienced PC's know bullshit even when it wears a badge. Nevertheless they decided to take up the sheriff on his offer and attempt to find the young man. Before they went the travelled to the man/child's house and meet with his mother, who I mistakenly called Shin as well.

She reported that the young man reported seeing aliens coming from across the desert and must have wandered off while looking for them. THe PC's set out on their Mule to find the young man. Once on the Mesa where Brucker was suspected of being the PC's began looking for him in earnest. Right off there were clues of misgivings about the mission. The area were the boy had scaled the cliff was devoid of foot prints leading the PC's to believe he was picked up by a mule (Which he was).

Searching around the PC's kept seeing ghost signals on their radar and would spend time running them down only to find nobody or nothing there. Eventually the PC's heard gunfire coming through the forest and set off to investigate. Coming through the forest they could hear the whine of another mule but radar showed nothing. Coming across a small cave the PC's decided to go on foot and investigate. Coming into the cave the PC's see Brucker standing up on a small ledge while eight dead Miner security guards lie on the ground. When they approach Brucker they see he is hooked to a bomb. While Black Jack disactivated the bomb Harrliquin and Mad Mary searched the rest of the cave and looked over the security guards dead bodies.

Find that three of the guards were shot and five were beaten to death the PC's got Brucker's bomb defussed and were about to go outside when a though occured to them. If somebody jacked with their radar on the Mule what else did they do? Even as those thoughts were running through their head their mule blow up sending them backwards.

More to come later.

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Big game tomorrow. My friends from Austin are coming into town and I am running a small game of Serenity for them. I would have included my entire gaming group but that would detract with some personal time with my buds.

I have been feverishly cleaning up my house as well as reading Serenity for a solid week and I have discovered two things.

Oddly enough, my house has like a dump truck worth of crap hidden just below the visual surface. OMG I have been putting shit away for a week and that still doesn't include cleaning up the room we are actually going to be playing in.
The second thing is Serenity is kinda hard to run. No aliens, No Psionics (Ala the Force, ect...) No space monsters, just western era crap with some space craft thrown in for good measure.

Still I have the module in hand (Hand written during class last night) and I hope everybody enjoys the game.

Quick note, I recently began playing a Mutants and Mastermind game with a new DM. Theron lives close by and we met on the RPG.net boards of all places. Anyhoo I have admired his DMing style ever since I started in his campaign since he espouses slowing down the game for rule lookups, arguments, discussions on exactly what somebody could do at any time, ect...

This speeds up play time and allows the DM to have more fine(finer?) control of the pace/plot of the game. I have great players but I rarely have games that have as much sheer fun in them as his games have had since I have started playing with him. I will try with Serenity but I am basically only barely familar with the game so I will be looking in the book whether I want to or not.

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Hey ya'll

Its Australia day so talk like an Australian, mate.

Alright fine I don't know how they talk, sue me.
According to the official website - On Australia Day we come together as a nation celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian. It's the day to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation.

Now isn't that just damn cool. Imagine being proud of your country even for just one minute. Forgetting about the political lines that seem to dominate peoples impression of their government even for just one day.

Must be nice.

On a side note I travelled to Australia for nine weeks back in 1993 and its true they are the most friendly people on the planet hands down. People would talk to you everywhere you went. It was refreshing.

So here is what I propose, lets all be nice today. Thats it, just be nice. Smile some more, laugh at somebody's dumb joke. Go out of your way to do something for somebody.